As the Christmas holiday approaches, many people find themselves at a loss of what to get their friends and family for Christmas.

However, many people who are well into adulthood experience some degree of Christmas fatigue — at a certain age, there are just so many things in one’s life. How do you give a gift that’s more meaningful? How do you preserve the spirit of Christmas in a way that celebrates the joy of giving without giving money to mega corporations who may or may not be working their employees into the ground overseas?

We can think of one answer — offering to pay for HVAC services!

We know what you might be thinking — “that’s an anti-climactic sales pitch disguised as an answer.” But hear us out; we can think of several reasons why this would be a meaningful gift.

It Has Lasting and Measurable Value

Buying a Christmas gift for somebody is a lot like rolling the dice — you just don’t know what the outcome is going to be. The nice clothes you buy for them might shrink in the next drying cycle. The toy you buy might break after three days. The gift that they begged for might collect dust as their interests and hobbies change like the passing wind.

Whatever it is, a physical object has the potential to become obsolete very quickly, and if you weren’t buying them something that they specifically asked for, it could even be something they don’t value very much.

But, suppose you have a friend or relative that suffers from an unreliable HVAC system. This can cause problems in their daily life. It can actually be unsafe to live in a house if it’s cold enough, and even if it’s not causing any health problems, being in perpetual cold is burdensome and annoying on the daily.

By treating them to HVAC services, you’re providing a solution to a problem that is measurable and long-lasting. How do we know? Because at Powerhouse Heating and Air Conditioning, we only do the finest quality work for our Nebraska clients. We make sure every issue is accounted for, because we know how dreadful a freezing Omaha winter can be.

You’re Easing Their Burden

Is their anybody out there who jumps for joy when they need to throw a big chunk of their paycheck towards home repair services? We may be such a company, but even we’re not thick enough to believe that people get joy out of calling for repair services.

The truth of it is this — it’s a real bummer when you have to call for maintenance or repairs. It’s an unexpected expense, it’s stressful, and you have to go through the logistics of finding the right company, comparing reviews, trying to understand what’s wrong with your system, and so on. It’s not fun, and many people put it off because of this.

By offering it as a gift, you’re not only saving them money, you’re saving them precious time — a priceless commodity in the lives of many working adults, especially those with children.

What is the spirit of Christmas, if not helping our loved ones and being there for them? We know many people, who after growing into adulthood and starting families, say they’d rather get help with their bills than get fancy gifts for Christmas. It’s unfortunate, and not quite as exciting, but it’s also amazing how light you can make one of your loved ones feel by just helping them with their crushing responsibilities.

It Might Not Happen If You Don’t Help

Remember what we said about people throwing their hard-earned money at repair companies? Well, for some folks, this just isn’t a viable option. Appliance failure, car repairs, remodeling, and other similar services can end up being needed at the worst, most inconvenient times.

If your loved one is in a precarious situation, they might opt to just live with a busted furnace rather than shell out the dough to get it fixed. There are worse things than living in an unheated home, but it’s not exactly a pleasant experience either.

Money isn’t the only reason why somebody might decline on getting their heater fixed. It could be apathy, busyness, procrastination, or other factors such as distraction that take them away from doing what needs to be done.

When you treat them to professional HVAC maintenance services, you’re guaranteeing that the problem will be taken care of, which can be quite a relief to the giftee.

You’re Supporting Local Businesses

We assert that Powerhouse Heating and Air Conditioning is the company to call if you need heating repair or maintenance anywhere near Blair or Omaha, but the bottom line is that, no matter who you call, you’re likely supporting a small business.

Community has long been one of the pillars of Christmas — this is a season about giving to your fellow man, considering the needs of those who surround you, and uniting in love and harmony. One great way to do that is by supporting local businesses. This is beneficial for many reasons — you’re helping provide a livelihood to the business owners, you’re promoting job growth in your community, and you’re helping to nourish useful services which could be beneficial to your town or city at large.

We don’t want to sound like we’re pressuring you or anybody else to give us money during the holidays —we want everybody to celebrate their Christmas and invest in gifts the way that they want. But if you are considering treating your friend to some much-needed HVAC services, it’s a win-win scenario for pretty much everyone involved. You get the satisfaction of giving a great gift, your friend or loved one benefits from the service, and the employees of the business can have some additional holiday funds for their families.

You Know Exactly Where Your Money is Going

We’ll preface this section by saying that we’re not here to deliver some kind of ethical or moral soapbox, nor do we judge anyone for buying whatever the heck they want for their friends and family.

That being said, one of the controversial issues during the holiday season now is the conflicting nature of wanting to give to your fellow man, while throwing your money at corporations and business who are anything but humanitarian. Indeed, many big companies have made international news for exploiting workers, overworking and underpaying them simply because they can.

This has turned Christmas sour for many people, who have come to feel bitter about the juxtaposition of holiday giving and indirect exploitation. That’s why non-material gifts are starting to trend in popularity, such as gifting services, experiences, or handmade items.

If you’re someone who would like to spend their holiday money a little more transparently, ordering a service for your fellow loved one — such as furnace repair from Powerhouse — is a great way to spend money on a gift, guilt-free.

Furnace and Heater Repair in Blair and Omaha

If you’re looking to treat your loved one to HVAC services, you have a few options. You could call us for repairs, or we could help to replace their system entirely. Alternatively, another great gift is just ordering a comprehensive system checkup, where we assess the “health” of the heating system and conduct some long-term preventative maintenance.

Regardless of what service you decide on, there’s one thing you can do right now — contact us today! If you’re in Blair, Omaha, or the surrounding areas, we’ll be glad to give the Christmas gift of heating to your loved one.