New installation? Ask your HVAC technician these questions!

Having a new air conditioner or heater installed is always exciting! Maybe you just purchased a new home or you’re finally getting around to replacing a unit that’s been in the building for years. Either way, a new unit entails a lot of things including heightened efficiency, less noise, and a more comfortable environment. However, it could also lead to problems. Before you schedule a new installation, be sure to ask your HVAC contractor these questions. The difference could be a long lasting unit and one that causes problems in the near future.

What is your policy for repairs?

Just because your unit is brand new doesn’t mean that it isn’t susceptible to immediate breakages. Talk to your contractor about what would happen if it breaks just weeks or days after the initial installation. Would they charge for a full repair? Is there a warranty to protect you against additional costs if there is a fault in the machine? Asking the technician up front about their policies will help protect you against surprises. And, if the malfunctioning unit is caused by the technician’s mistake, then you shouldn’t be charged for a repair.

How long has this unit been on the market?

Newness doesn’t always equate to perfection. Sometimes, when a company puts out a new model, unforeseen issues related to a mishap in design begin to pop up. Ask your HVAC contractor about the model and if it has been linked to any problems. If they can’t answer, do some digging on your own. In the event that the model has shown problems or worse, has been recalled, request to have another one installed. On the other hand, if the unit is too new for reported problems to show up, ask your technician about the steps to take in the event that the model does begin to show issues. Does the manufacturer provide a replacement? Are you compensated? Asking these questions will help you prepare for any potential issues.

What can I do for maintenance?

Most HVAC companies will offer maintenance agreements. When you sign up, usually after an installation or replacement, you pay a specific amount and you’re guaranteed maintenance servicing at least once a year. Preventative maintenance is necessary and, well, prevents larger issues from popping up down the road. After the initial installation, ask about maintenance agreements and what they entail with that specific HVAC company. They’re almost always worth is because the cost of maintenance is lower than the cost of a major repair or replacement.

What are common issues to look out for?

Hopefully, if the unit is new, no issues will pop up for quite a while. This isn’t always the case, though. Ask the technician about the most common issues related to that specific unit. If it’s an air conditioner, it might be that the water isn’t condensing correctly around the coils. The heater, on the other hand, might show problems like an overrunning air pump. Ask about these issues, how often they occur, and what to do if they happen.

How often should I be running the unit?

Most newer units are efficient, and running them at high power all day isn’t healthy for both your unit and your wallet. Ask the technician about how often you should run it, and what temperature it should be set at. Remember, the unit will be more efficacious at heating air that’s 50 degrees than air that’s 15 degrees.

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