Hello! We welcome you back the Powerhouse Enterprises blog. Our HVAC company is located in Blair, Nebraska, and we’ve been working hard to provide the best HVAC service in the area. Our clients’ satisfaction is our dedication, and we’re always on the move to update our technology and learn new and innovative ways to approach HVAC. While we can go on and on about how we’re one of the best heating and air companies in the business, words mean nothing without backup. Today, we thought we’d give you just a few reasons why PowerHouse Enterprises is the best in the HVAC business.

We’ve Been Working in HVAC for Years

What’s the first thing you ask when hiring a professional? Usually, it’s something along the lines of “how long have you been doing this for?“ We’re not saying that just because you’ve been around for a while that you’re automatically the best, but our technicians have been working in HVAC for over 16 years and we’ve been using this time to our advantage. Our HVAC company has been simultaneously training and working since we’ve opened our doors in 2006, and we’ve come to form a system that’s both effective and efficient. Simply said? We’re passionate.

We’re Hard Workers from the Core

While anybody can go through the courses and get licensed, we here at PowerHouse have really been on the move to strengthen our knowledge and ability to work within the business. The owner of our company, Joe Policky, started in HVAC at a resort in one of the hottest cities in the country, Phoenix, AZ. After his initial hiring, he’s been promoted continuously to higher and more trusted positions within that company until he realized that even that couldn’t satisfy his ambitious needs. Not too long after, Policky started his very own heating and cooling company here in Blair.

Additionally, hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Jerry McMillan, the associate partner, also had an ambitious vision of the HVAC world and went into business with Policky to help grow the company and watch it flourish. We’re not just any HVAC company, we’re one that’s dedicated to being the best.

We’re Licensed

PowerHouse Enterprises is licensed, insured, and bonded: three reasons why you should consider us, as professionals, right off the bat. Hiring someone to fix something as temperamental as heating and cooling systems could end up with you in major trouble. In the event that something happens, like an injury, and your technician wasn’t licensed or insured, you could be liable. Our HVAC company is certified for both your safety and ours. While we always hope that accidents won’t occur, we’ll be ready if they do.

Our Testimonials are Through the Roof

Don’t believe us when we say that we work hard for our clients? Then we suggest you read the (link) testimonials written by quite a few of them. When working with customers, we do our best to understand their needs and what they truly want. PowerHouse is more than just a team of experienced heating and cooling technicians, we’re a community! We want our clients to feel exactly the same way after every job. We do that by being responsive, communicating effectively, and finding ways to help even when the situation is sticky.

Our HVAC company in Blair wants to put our clients before anything else. We prove that through our dedication to the business and excellent client relationships. If this blog post and all of our excellent testimonials couldn’t convince you, then maybe it’s time for you to see for yourself why we’re the best in the business. Contact us today for residential or commercial repairs and installations. Thanks!