At Powerhouse Heating and Air Conditioning, we are emphatic about the need for preventative maintenance on your air conditioning system. There are plenty of reasons why a broken air conditioner is a recipe for discomfort and happiness, from mild annoyance to legitimate danger. That’s why we work tirelessly to serve the people of Blair, Omaha, and surrounding areas to have an air conditioning system that’s happy and healthy.

However, sometimes the worst happens. Whether you didn’t get it checked up, or there was a fluke problem that came out of nowhere, your AC unit can break, and in the middle of summer no less. What can you do in such a situation? Fortunately, there are various ways you can stay cool, some more unorthodox than ever. If you find yourself with a broken air conditioner, the first thing you should do is call us for timely repairs. But in the meantime, you can keep yourself cool in the following ways:

Freeze Your Bedding

You weren’t expecting this one, were you? Strange as it may sound, this can actually be a good way to combat the heat when you’re trying to sleep, which is important because hot temperatures can make it extremely difficult to fall asleep.

When you freeze fabric, it’s not going to become all icy and watery unless it already had moisture on it to begin with. Instead, you’ll just get a version of your sheets and pillowcases that are much colder than they usually are. Of course, it won’t take long for them to get back to room temperature, but given that the average person falls asleep within seven to twenty minutes, it might just be enough for you to doze off. The best part? You won’t have to keep turning the pillow over to get to the cold side, a struggle that everybody can no doubt relate to.

Drink a Lot of Water

Are you the kind of person that starts to break a light sweat any time the temperature is even slightly hot? That might be your body trying to tell you something.
Sweating is the body’s way of hydrating your body. If your temperature is too high, you start to sweat because the exterior moisture helps to cool you down. However, if you’re drinking a lot of water, you’ll keep your internal temperature cooler, reducing the need for extensive sweat. On the other hand, if your internal temperature control isn’t enough to keep you cool, having more water in your system will allow the sweating process to be more efficient.

Stay Low

Hot air rises. And because it rises, you’ll want to stay as low as you can in your home. No, we’re not recommending that you lie on the floor and crawl around, but you’ll certainly be a lot cooler if you avoid the upstairs. Basements are the best place to stay cool — they don’t trap as much heat because they’re more isolated, and the heat that does come in tends to rise to higher levels. In fact, basements can often be chilly when the rest of the house is sweltering. This won’t always be the case, but they’re a heck of a lot cooler than the main floor or upstairs levels.

Eat Cold Treats

Hold your horses — we’re not saying that you should make ice cream sandwiches and banana splits a staple of your daily diet. A cold sugary treat can be nice in a pinch, but eating junk food all day isn’t really a viable strategy for anything except for sabotaging your body.

Instead, consider making healthy little popsicles that give you the nutrients you need! If you’ve got a blender, you can mix together all kinds of healthy mixes of both fruits and vegetables. By freezing these, or drinking them ice cold, you’ll be able to beat the heat and have a treat. Sounds like a win-win.

Call Your Local HVAC Contractors

Finally, the most winning strategy for a broken AC unit is to just pick up the phone and call your local HVAC contractors. If you’re in or around the Omaha and Blair area, our team at Powerhouse Heating and Air Conditioning would be happy to help you. Frozen sheets are nice for a little bit, but we can probably all agree that a nice air-conditioned house is the best way to go. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free consultation!