Welcome back to our blog series about furnace repair and replacement! In Part One, we discussed red flags that your heater might be giving that indicates a need for repair. Unfortunately, sometimes your furnace is too far gone, and you might just need to replace it entirely. Here are some things to look out for that might reveal a need to go furnace shopping:

Frequent Repairs

A good general rule of thumb with any technology is that, when the cost of repairs begins to become nearly as costly as a new device, it’s probably ready to be thrown out. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule; a brand new device that has an unexpected breakdown is probably worth fixing instead of being outright replaced. But if that 15-year-old furnace in your basement is starting to break down frequently? It might just be a better idea to get rid of the old thing.

It’s not the worst thing in the world if your old furnace necessitates a $150 fix every once in a blue moon, but if it starts happening multiple times within a relatively short time span, the frequency of repairs alone will start to burn a hole in your wallet. Let’s be clear: if furnace repairs are no longer a rarity, the next one isn’t going to suddenly change that problem. It will keep happening, and you should take the time to really consider just replacing the unit instead.

It’s Just Old

Nothing lasts forever. While your furnace has a pretty impressive lifespan compared to many other products, it will eventually pass into the netherworld of heaters; there is no stopping this.

Every furnace is different, but the general time frame for most units is 15-20 years. However, once you hit the 15-year mark, that’s basically the “all bets are off” milestone. If you’re lucky and vigilant, your spry heater might only be halfway through its useful life (some well-maintained heaters can make it all the way to 30). If you’re not so lucky, it’s just about ready to croak. If your furnace hasn’t given you many issues thus far, you’re probably fine, but if you hit fifteen years and repairs are becoming semi-frequent, do yourself a favor and consider calling a furnace replacement technician.

The Efficiency of a New Heater Would Save You Way More Monthly

We’ve already talked about how an older fragile heating unit can cost you loads of money through repair costs, but did you know that getting a new heater could also save you much more in the amount you pay monthly?

The long story short is that shiny new furnace units have more advanced tech in their innards and are capable of operating much more efficiently. Imagine replacing your old 15 MPG car with a newer model that gets 25 MPG. They both serve the same purpose, but one has been built with better technology than the other, allowing it to be more efficient and ultimately save you gas money in the long run.

Your Burner Flame is Yellow Instead of Blue

We’re not going to joke around with this one; if your burner’s flame is yellow or flickery and inconsistent, this is a very serious issue and you should call a furnace replacement technician immediately.

A yellow flame is an indicator that your furnace could be creating carbon monoxide. Inhaling carbon monoxide can be lethal to humans, and it has been a silent killer of far too many victims who were unaware of its presence. It’s not customary for heaters and furnaces to do this, but it can happen, and if you see that warning sign, it’s time for a new furnace, no questions asked.

Call Your Local Furnace Repair Technicians

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