Incentive Programs:

To help our community and to reduce our costs, we have the following incentive programs to help you save money on our HVAC services:

  1. PowerHouse Heating and Air Conditioning will beat any reasonable, qualified quote you currently have for HVAC service and repairs from another company…and not by just a few pennies! How are we able to accomplish this? By simply keeping our non-critical supply overhead low, strategically using operating capital and advertising budgets, reducing utility and maintenance costs, and not running up the prices we charge on our products and services in order to maximize our profits. However, the biggest reason by far is we don’t have a specific bottom line we have to meet every month like many of the medium and larger HVAC companies do.
  2. We have a customer referral rebate program available which allows all our current and new customers to save even more on our HVAC services. Call us today for details!
  3. Special discounts for veterans, military, elderly, and disabled persons.
  4. Click on coupons at the bottom of the page for even more savings!
  5. We give all our customers a 100% guarantee of satisfaction on all work performed. If you have any problems or concerns with our workmanship, we will fix/repair it at no additional cost within reason.

Note: All guarantees, incentives, and coupons given/made implicitly or explicitly by PowerHouse are exclusive to services sold/provided/rendered by PowerHouse. Discounts are not given for any work NOT performed by PowerHouse unless expressly given in writing to the customer by PowerHouse Enterprises. All guarantees given by PowerHouse are exclusive to work/services provided by PowerHouse. Any work/equipment or advice sold to/given or rendered by anyone other than us is not the responsibility of PowerHouse Enterprises.